This time, Toshiba employed an up-converting process called "color texture reproduction" in addition to the "reconstruction," "self-congruity," "3D frame" and "color" processes, which are used for the company's previous products. The color texture reproduction process restores fine, high-saturation color information that is lost when input video (4:4:4 format) is converted into digital broadcast signals (4:2:0 format) so that the textures of objects are improved.

"As for technologies to deliver 4k2k video, NTT Plala Inc, which provides "Hikari TV" (IPTV service), started considering them," Osumi said.

Number of parallaxes increased from 2 to 9

For the naked-eye display, which is another feature of the 55X3, Toshiba used the "integral imaging method," which the company is currently developing. In this method, lenticular lenses are arrayed on the front side of an LCD panel. This time, 2D video or 3D video (for two parallaxes) is converted to 3D video (for nine parallaxes). The pixel count of 3D video is 1,280 x 720.

To display both 3D and 2D video, Toshiba added the "polarization switching sheet" between the LCD panel and lenticular lenses. This sheet has a function of switching polarization by 90° and is used to turn on/off the lenticular lenses. The 55X3 has the "face tracking" function, which determines the location of a viewer by using a camera, and shows 3D video best suited for the location, the company said.

2 main image processors

Toshiba developed the 4k2k panel capable of displaying 3D video viewable with the naked eye in collaboration with a panel maker. It is equipped with a direct-lit white LED backlight unit. It can adjust the light emission of white LEDs in 12 (horizontal rows) x 20 (vertical rows) areas in accordance with input signals.

As a video processing platform, Toshiba employed the "Regza Engine CEVO Duo." The 55X3 has two main image processors, a chip for estimating depth information in 2D-3D conversion and a chip for separating 4k2k video into two parts and outputting them, the company said.