The demonstration of the prototyped 4k2k TV. The TV located in the center uses the "ICC" technology.
The demonstration of the prototyped 4k2k TV. The TV located in the center uses the "ICC" technology.
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Sharp Corp started development of a large-screen LCD TV that can display 4k2k (3,840 x 2,160-pixel) video.

In collaboration with I-cubed Research Center Inc, which develops a technology to create high-quality 4k2k video from full-HD (1,920 x 1,080-pixel) video, Sharp will apply the technology to LCD TVs. The two companies started full-scale co-development about two months ago, aiming to release a product in the fall of 2012.

Sharp showed a demonstration of a prototyped panel to a limited number of customers in the company's booth at IFA 2011, the largest consumer electronics trade show in Europe, which runs from Sept 2, 2011, in Berlin, Germany. The screen size of the prototype was 60 inches.

Sharp displayed video on its 4k2k panel by using the "ICC (integrated cognitive creation)" image processor, which was developed by I-cubed Research Center. For comparison, Sharp showed three types of images by using a full-HD technology, a business-use up-converter and the ICC, respectively.

The ICC features a function to create 4k2k video from full-HD video. It interpolates and compensates video signals when full-HD video is being up-converted to 4k2k video, enabling to obtain visual information equivalent to the information obtained by humans when they see an object.

I-cubed Research Center is a venture firm established by Tetsujiro Kondo and other engineers who developed the "DRC (digital reality creation)" video up-converting technology for TVs at Sony. It announced the development plan of the image processor in May 2011.

In the development of the prototype, Sharp made improvements such as optimizing the signal processing of the ICC for the company's LCD panel. Also, the driver circuit, etc of the LCD panel were adjusted based on the output signals of the ICC.

"There are still some challenges to overcome for commercializing a 4k2k large-screen LCD TV," said Masatsugu Teragawa, Sharp's executive officer and chief director of AV System Development. "But we will make efforts so that we can announce a product at the next year's IFA. The size of the TV will be 60 inches or larger."