A two-layered resistivity-varying film was used.
A two-layered resistivity-varying film was used.
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Samsung Electronics developed a technology to drastically improve the rewritability and speed of resistance random access memory (ReRAM), which is a next-generation nonvolatile memory.

The new technology realizes a rewritability of 1012 (one trillion) times, which is about one million times more than that of existing flash memory. Because its switching time is as fast as 10ns, it can be used for nonvolatile working memory, etc.

The new technology uses Ta2O5-x/TaO2-x laminated film as resistivity-varying material. In the past, filaments were formed on the entire Ta2O5 film. But, this time, Samsung formed filaments only on Ta2O5-x by using the new laminated film so that rewritability is improved and consumption current is reduced.

The latest results were published on the online edition of Nature Materials.