The digital pen and the memory unit
The digital pen and the memory unit
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Pentel Co Ltd will release the "airpenPocket," a digital pen that can wirelessly transmit characters and images it draws on paper, Feb 12, 2011.

The airpenPocket consists of a specially designed digital pen and a memory unit, which has Bluetooth capability and can receive data. When a note is taken by using the pen and paper, etc, it is recorded in the memory unit by using Pentel's original method (ultrasound infrared method). And the data can be transmitted to a PC via Bluetooth.

The predecessor of the airpenPocket uses a USB cable for data transmission between its memory unit and a PC. The company expects that the wireless capability of the airpenPocket will expand the use of the pen with mobile devices.

Pentel is planning to enable the pen to work with smartphones and tablet PCs supporting Bluetooth. It will also launch applications for Android-based devices in early March 2011.

An application for the airpenPocket has a function to save data on the server of Evernote Corp's "Evernote" crowd service just by one click. So, with the airpenPocket and a smartphone, etc, it is possible to easily save a handwritten memo by using Evernote's service even when the user is not at home.

The airpenPocket supports the SPP (serial port profile) Bluetooth protocol and can transmit data within a radius of 10m. The size of paper can be up to A4. The capacity of its memory is 2 Mbytes. With an embedded battery, the pen can be continuously used for about 90 hours.