Communication fee is ¥525 per month

The biblio Leaf SP02 e-book reader is capable of 3G and wireless LAN communications. The Lismo Book Store can be accessed by using the e-book reader, and contents can be directly downloaded to it.

The communication fee is ¥525 (approx US$6.29) with a contract term of two years. A cancellation fee has to be paid to unsubscribe the service within the contract term. The biblio Leaf SP02 cannot be purchased without subscribing to the 3G communication service, but the Lismo Book Store can be accessed via a wireless LAN, too.

The expected retail price of the e-book reader is about ¥15,000 though there is no manufacturer's suggested retail price. It will be released in Kansai and Okinawa areas Dec 25, 2010, and in Kanto area in early January 2011.

The 6-inch e-paper device has a pixel count of 800 x 600 and is produced by E Ink Corp. A photovoltaic battery is mounted below the screen. By employing an e-paper device, which has a low power consumption, it became possible to read about 50 books (equivalent to 13,000 pages) per charge.

The e-book reader weighs about 282g and measures 198 x 129 x 9.8mm. With a memory of 2 Gbytes, it can store about 3,000 books. It was designed by KDDI and Kaga Electronics Co Ltd and manufactured by Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd (Foxconn), KDDI said.