APNIC Pty Ltd, which is an administration authority of IP addresses (RIR: Regional Internet Registry) and responsible for the Asia-Pacific region, made an announcement about a rapidly decreasing stock of IPv4 addresses.

IANA, which supervises RIRs, currently has a stock of seven blocks of IPv4 addresses. A block, which is called "/8," is equivalent to 16,777,216 addresses. In the announcement, APNIC said that IANA will soon distribute two of the remaining seven blocks.

This means that IANA will run out of stock; When the number of blocks owned by IANA becomes five, the five blocks will be automatically distributed to five regions.

Many people forecast that this will take place somewhere between late February to early March 2011. But some predict that it will occur within 2010.

At the end of October 2010, IANA had a stock of 12 blocks of addresses, and it was expected to run out in about May 2011. However, in November 2010, five blocks were distributed to RIRs in Europe, the US, Africa, etc.

APNIC announced that its own stock of IPv4 addresses will run out by the fourth quarter of 2011.