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Sony Corp announced that its "Reader" electronic book (e-book) reader has been selling well in Japan.

The announcement was made at Electronic Book Summit 2010, which took place Dec 15, 2010, in Tokyo. The Reader was released Dec 10, 2010, in Japan.

The most selling model is the "Reader Touch Edition," which is equipped with a 6-inch electronic paper (e-paper) device. Though Sony did not disclose a specific sales volume, it said, "The Touch Edition has almost been sold out, and we are sorry for causing inconvenience to appointed stores."

On the other hand, Sony said that there is enough stock of the "Reader Pocket Edition," which features a 5-inch e-paper device.

Sony is selling the Reader not only at appliance stores but at three book stores in Tokyo and Osaka. And the sales at those book stores has been better than expected, the company said.

"To be honest, we didn't expect that it will be sold well at book stores," Sony said. "But, in fact, a considerable number of the Reader has been selling. Our strategy is to attract book lovers, and it has been going well so far."

Sony said that it guessed wrong about the sales of the accessories for the Reader, which are "book covers," "book covers with light" and "soft carrying cases."

"A very high percentage of those who purchased the Reader use those accessories," the company said. "And they have almost been sold out, too."