Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc (SCE) started a service called "PlayView for Games," which uses SCE's "PlayView" image processing technology.

SCEJ will deliver contents supporting the PlayView via the "PlayStation Store" offered in the "PlayStation Network" online service. For a starter, the company will start delivering an electronic book, "Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Monster Data Knowledge Book," Oct 14, 2010, at a price of ¥600 (approx US$7.39, including tax).

The PlayView is a technology to change the size of an image with a pixel count of more than one billion (See related article). It can deal with not only still images but also movies, music, hypertext links, etc.

For example, when a movie is embedded in a guide for game software, it is possible to explain how to play the game by using the movie. SCEJ has been providing contents using the PlayView for users of the PlayStation 3. This time, it launched the full-scale service.