Fujitsu Ltd prototyped a mobile phone that is designed based on the Continua Health Alliance's guidelines and obtained certification from the alliance.

According to the company, it is the world's first mobile phone that has been certified by the alliance. The Continua Health Alliance is a nonprofit organization established by Intel Corp and other companies in June 2006 for setting design guidelines for interconnecting healthcare equipment and electronic devices.

Fujitsu plans to use the new mobile phone for management of health data. With the phone, it becomes possible to easily transfer health data collected by healthcare equipment compatible with the Continua standard to a handset that manages the data.

Fujitsu is expected to promote the collaboration between the handset and health management services. At this point, the company has not yet disclosed health management services that will be available to the handset.

Fujitsu intends to make its handsets to be released compatible with the Continua standard. Also, it will demonstrate the prototyped handset at Ceatec Japan 2010, a trade show that will take place from Oct 5 to 9, 2010, in Japan.