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SMK Corp developed a remote control that enables to operate a TV, PC, set-top box and so forth by making motions from a distance.

The remote control, "RCTA6," is equipped with a motion sensor and can be used not by pressing buttons but by making motions. For example, it can be used for switching TV channels, starting recording a TV program and operating an application on a PC.

The RCTA6 uses 2.4GHz wireless technology and does not have to be placed facing a device to be controlled. It can support the ZigBee/RF4CE wireless remote-control standard, and SMK is now developing a USB dongle that will be a receiver. The company employed a motion control technology developed by Hillcrest Laboratories Inc.

SMK plans to exhibit the RCTA6 at Ceatec Japan 2010, a trade show that will take place from Oct 5 to 9, 2010, in Japan.