Toshiba Corp will unveil a 3D LCD TV that can be viewed without special glasses in October 2010.

The company made the announcement at a press meeting that took place the day before IFA2010, a trade show on consumer devices, which runs from Sept 3, 2010, in Berlin.

Though Toshiba did not reveal the details of the TV's specifications, it said that the screen size will be small.

"We would like to pursue 3D video technologies," said Masaaki Osumi, president of the Visual Products Company, Toshiba. "It is still difficult to release a large 3D TV that can be viewed with the naked eye from the viewpoints of LCD panel and peripheral technologies."

The company is expected to announce the 3D TV at Ceatec, a trade show on consumer devices that took place from Oct 5, 2010, in Japan.

Toshiba employed an LCD panel manufactured by its subsidiary, Toshiba Mobile Display Co Ltd, for the new 3D TV.

Toshiba Mobile Display is currently developing a 3D technology called "integral imaging method," which does not require special glasses. In the method, lenticular lenses are used on the front of an LCD panel. And it leverages motion parallax in addition to parallax between the right and left eyes.

Considering that Toshiba Mobile Display developed a 21-inch LCD display by using the integral imaging method in April 2010, the screen size of the new 3D LCD TV will possibly be 21 inches or smaller.