The concept machine exhibited by Intel
The concept machine exhibited by Intel
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Intel Corp and its Japanese arm, Intel K.K., developed a concept machine by combining digital signage and a vending machine and exhibited it at the 13th Embedded Systems Expo (ESEC), which is taking place from May 12 to 14, 2010, in Tokyo.

The concept machine was developed with help from V-Sync Co Ltd, which is known for the development of digital signage systems. It is equipped with a large touch-sensitive LCD display in front and can show the images of products recommended in accordance with the gender and age group of the user.

In the absence of a user, the concept machine can display advertisements. Also, the WiMAX communication module embedded in the machine enables the maintenance and content updates via a network.

The concept machine is equipped with a camera module and can determine the gender, age group and presence of a user. At the exhibition site, it showed advertisements and public information in the absence of a user. And it displayed products recommended for the age group of the user standing in front of the machine.

The communication module makes it possible, for example, to monitor the sales of products and the attributes of purchasers via a network.

Intel, which intends to expand the sales of its products in the embedded device market, is setting its eyes on digital signage.

"There are many vending machines in Japan," said Yoshio Oikawa, director of Technical Support at Intel K.K. "We thought that it is possible to create new applications of those vending machines by using interactive digital signage functions."

The concept machine came with Intel's "Core i5" microprocessor and Microsoft Corp's "Windows Embedded Standard 7" operating system.