The newly-developed electronic paper
The newly-developed electronic paper
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Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd and Fujitsu Frontech Ltd unveiled their new color electronic paper (e-paper) for the press.

The e-paper has a three times higher contrast ratio and a two times higher screen refresh speed than the companies' existing e-paper. It is slated to be exhibited at Fujitsu Forum 2010, which will take place from May 13 to 14, 2010, in Tokyo.

The existing e-paper is equipped in the "FLEPia," Fujitsu Frontech's portable information device that has a screen refresh speed of about 1.2 to 1.6 seconds. For the new e-paper, it was reduced to 0.7 seconds, which the company claims hardly causes any stress.

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The contrast ratio was improved from 2.5:1 to 7:1.

"The difference in contrast ratio greatly changes the viewer's impression," Fujitsu Frontech said. "One of the biggest advantages of the new e-paper is that it has both a higher contrast ratio and a higher screen refresh speed."

The contrast ratio and the screen refresh speed were improved by the following methods. First, the panel structure was improved to enhance the aperture ratio. Second, the material (cholesteric liquid crystal) was changed. Third, the driving method was changed.

The screen size of the exhibited e-paper was 8 inches while its pixel count was 768 x 1,024. Fujitsu Frontech plans to release an e-paper device equipped with the new e-paper in about October 2010.

"We are now discussing the product concept and the specifications," the company said.