"Electronic paper technologies will eventually converge into cholesteric liquid crystal technology," said Sung Tae Shin, LCD R&D Center, LCD Division, Device Solution Business Vice President of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, at FPD International 2009.

There are various display methods for electronic paper (e-paper) such as electrophoresis method. It is possible to use different technologies depending on application. But, from the viewpoint of business efficiency, companies prefer to use only the technologies applied to mass-produced products.

Shin considers that cholesteric liquid crystal is superior in color representation and video quality and that it is necessary to develop not only e-paper capable of displaying black-and-white text but also e-paper capable of displaying colors and playing video to expand the use of e-paper.

However, e-paper has to be clearly superior to LCD panels in terms of costs. Therefore, under present circumstances, Shin considers it important to expand the application of e-paper by introducing products using electrophoresis method and other methods.