Display Controller IC from Epson and E-Ink
Display Controller IC from Epson and E-Ink
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Seiko Epson Corp and E Ink Corp have jointly developed a display controller IC, the S1D13522, which provides a high performance, space saving solution for E Ink's Vizplex-enabled electronic paper displays. The IC is based on the same engine as the first model, the S1D13521, but provides customers with a higher level of performance and additional features.

Found in most major electronic reader devices, Epson and E Ink's EPD low-power consumption screen technology has been a key factor in the rapid growth of the eReader market and the expanding range of mobile applications, such as e-books, eNewspapers, tablet PCs, notebook secondary displays, eNotebooks, and eDictionaries.

The Epson display controller (codenamed ISIS) includes 2 Mbytes of embedded memory and features that reduce the CPU overhead for EPD applications. Allowing multi-regional and concurrent display updates, the S1D13522 adds interface support for direct touch/pen drawing. Picture-in-picture, rotation, transparency, and hardware cursor functions further increase display flexibility.

The advanced sequencer engine, power management, I2C thermal sensor, and optional serial Flash memory support make a variety of implementations possible. The controller also adds interfaces for PMIC I/F and panel auto ID read. Combining all these features enables application developers to develop products more efficiently.

E Ink said it plans to offer an ISIS prototype kit that will enable engineers to prototype and develop next-generation ePaper products. Details will be announced when kits are available.

Samples of the S1D13522 are available now. Production quantities will be available in January 2010.