Shanghai Hua Hong NEC Electronics Co Ltd (Hua Hong NEC) has commenced production of its 0.162µm CMOS image sensor (CIS162).

Based on its standard 0.162µm logic process, the foundry cooperated with its key customer to develop the CIS162 process with a 1.8V core device and 3.3V I/O circuits. The pixel, which comprises 4 function transistors and photo diode, is capable of providing ultra-low leakage and high-quality image. The BEOL (back end of line) process ensures high sensitivity of the pixel which enables a high-definition image with better contrast under normal conditions.

This process is suitable for use in a variety of electronic products such as cell phone cameras, digital still cameras (DSC), digital video cameras (DVC), and notebook computers.

The CIS162 is compatible with its existing CMOS technology. It not only maintains CMOS's stability, but also meets the low noise and high-definition requirements of image sensors.