The most fuel-efficient gasoline cars in 2008
The most fuel-efficient gasoline cars in 2008
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Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) announced the ten most fuel-efficient gasoline cars in 2008, releasing a list of the gas mileages of various cars.

Hybrids took the top two positions. Of all gasoline vehicles combining standard-, small-sized and light cars (excluding those equipped with manual transmissions), Toyota Motor Corp's "Prius" topped the list with a mileage of 35.5km/L, followed by Honda Motor Co Ltd's "Civic Hybrid" (31.0km/L).

Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd's light vehicle "Mira" came in third with 27.0km/L mileage. And Toyota's "Vitz," Suzuki Motor Corp's "Alto Lapin," Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd's "R1" and "R2" were all ranked fourth with 24.5km/L.

In the standard- and small-sized vehicle category, the top four names were unchanged from the previous year. Toyota's "iQ" and Daimler AG's "Smart ForTwo Coupe" and "Smart ForTwo Cabrio" ranked fifth.

In the light vehicle category, the Alto Lapin (second) and Daihatsu's "Move Conte" (fifth) joined the top ten rankings for the first time this year.