Broadcom Corp has announced that its continued collaboration with RaisingSun Digital Video Technology Co of Shanghai, China, has produced a next-generation 'all-in-one' digital television (DTV) turnkey solution that supports all Chinese broadcasting standards, including AVS, as well as Internet connectivity.

This is the first complete DTV solution for television manufacturers in China that supports high-definition (HD) AVS.

Through the combination of the Broadcom BCM3549 DTV system-on-chip (SoC) solution and RaisingSun's iTVware middleware, TV manufacturers are able to develop complete lines of affordable DTVs for the Chinese market supporting all of China's broadcast standards (e.g. PAL analog TV, DVB-C digital cable TV, DTMB digital terrestrial TV, and the new HD format AVS), while delivering better picture, sound and graphics quality.

The companies continue to deliver RaisingSun DTV middleware ported onto field-proven Broadcom DTV SoC platforms for compliance with all of China's DTV standards. For DTV manufacturers, the result of this collaboration enables them to provide advanced capabilities, dynamic user interfaces and Internet connectivity, including support for popular widget applications.