ZTE Corp has achieved what it says is the world's first EV-DO Revision B (Rev B) VoIP call on its CDMA2000 system, marking the first time in the industry that a CDMA vendor has achieved a 9.3Mbps download rate and 5.4Mbps upload rate.

The company has completed the first stage of achieving EV-DO Rev B and adopted 3-carrier bundling technology, with each carrier having a bandwidth of 1.25MHz. Compared with mature commercial EV-DO Rev A, what ZTE's EV-DO Rev B does is upgrade EV-DO Rev A's software, with no additional hardware equipment required. Both ZTE's EV-DO Rev A and Rev B adopt an identical baseband chipset. The company plans to commercialize its EV-DO Rev B system in Q3 2009.

In future, EV-DO Rev B can bundle up to a maximum of 15 carriers, with a download (forward) rate of 73.5Mbps and an upload (reverse) rate of 27Mbps. EV-DO Rev B allocates flexible bandwidth and offers better Quality of Service (QoS), and hence enhances user experience.