Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc had a hands-on exhibition of its new Bravia LCD TVs, the V5 Series, which feature 40% lower power consumption than its existing products (Fig 1, See related article 1).

At the exhibition, which took place Jan 20, 2009, the company emphasized the low power consumption of its products in various usage situations and demonstrated the high effectiveness of the adopted technologies while referring to market analysis, results of comparison with the company's existing products, etc.

The exhibition took place at the Ikejiri Institute of Design located in a renovated building that used to be a junior high school closed down by consolidation because the new products are focused on power saving functions and their "greatest feature is eco-friendliness," according to Sony Marketing (Fig 2).

Sony exhibited LCD TVs with a power saving function similar to that of the V5 Series at 2009 International CES in Las Vegas from Jan 8 to 11, 2009.

When releasing new LCD TVs, most manufacturers underline the high picture quality and, lately, the slimness of chassis. One fine example is the products released by Sony in August 2008. However, the products it exhibited this time are clearly different from them (See related article 2).

The main reason behind this is the fact that consumer demand for flat-screen TVs has diversified, Sony Marketing said. The company believes that the low power consumption will be a competitive edge as a result of the diversification of needs.

Consumers tend to choose lower power models when choosing a refrigerator or other home electric appliances. Considering that TV sets account for about 10% of the total power consumption in an average household, the company expects low power consumption to be a deciding factor for many consumers when choosing an LCD TV.

Prior to the latest LCD TV series, Sony unveiled the KDL-32JE1, a 32-inch LCD TV that the company claims can reduce the power consumption by approximately 25% compared with the previous model, in July 2008. The company received many requests from consumers for models larger than 32 inches.

Because of these reasons, Sony further improved the power saving functions and increased the screen size to 40 and 46 inches. And Sony emphasizes that the picture quality has not been compromised to reduce the power consumption. The V5 Series is provided with technologies equivalent to those of the existing products such as a technique to display images at 120Hz.

Compact HCFL developed based on Trinitron technology

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