Continued from Life with Head Mounted Display [Part 2].

I noticed Nikon's close attention to detail when I tried the HMD. Regardless of the user's dominant eye, the HMD can be worn and used equally well. It is also available to wear it over glasses. I asked one of my colleagues, who wears glasses, to put on the HMD, and he told me there was no problem viewing video with his glasses on.


I wore the UP300x myself. It weighs 385g including the battery pack. And I kept on wearing it all day long, putting it on my neck when I did not use it. But I did not feel it was heavy.

To be honest, it was little annoying to keep on wearing it on my neck because it felt like I was wearing a whiplash neck collar. But any other pair of headphones would give me the same impression, I suppose.

It was convenient that I didn't have to be gentle with the HMD when I wore or carried it with me. The UP300x's structure differs from that of a set of typical headphones in that it features a display. The display is supported with a slim arm, which initially made me anxious that I might break it by bumping it on something.

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In fact, I could flip up and set the arm so that it overlaps the headphone when carrying it with me. As is shown in the right photo, it is unlikely that excessive force is applied to the arm if you are a little careful.

In addition, the display is framed with a rubber protection material, and the lens surface faces the headphones when the arm is flipped up. It is also unlikely that you will damage the lens if you pay attention.

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With the display flipped up, the UP300x can be as easily handled as a typical pair of headphones. The weight did not bother me much, either, when I carried it in my bag. I am used to carrying a heavy bag, however, as I train myself by carrying an SLR camera with me every day.

The commercial version of the UP300x can stream video via a wireless LAN network, add content by connecting it to PC via a cable and connect to other media players using a cable. But, this time, we could not add any data to the built-in memory because the prototype did not include an external connector cable, which Nikon is planning to include in the package.

As there was nothing I could do about it, I viewed only the content provided for demonstration. So, I could not try content that I think is suited to the UP300x. If I have another chance, I would like to try my favorite contents on the HMD.