"World's Smallest" Active RFID Tag
"World's Smallest" Active RFID Tag
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Orizin Technologies Pvt Ltd of Bangalore has launched what it claims is the world's smallest active RFID tag -- used to track assets over long-range. Active RFID tags have their own internal power source and are more effective in RF challenged environments.

The company has solved the size and pricing issues with the prevailing technology. The new tag has a read-range of 20m, and the dimensions are 26 x 23 x 7.3mm, making it what the company claims is the smallest available active RFID tag in the world.

These tags can be used to tag assets like notebook PCs, servers, routers, switches, and vehicles, and those from industries like defense, IT, healthcare, manufacturing and others. According to the company, these tags have also been successfully deployed at a telecom company in India for their internal assets management.

According to Suresh Rao, CTO of Orizin Technologies, "The optimum size, range and cost are the result of more than 18 months of R&D effort which has gone into development of our active RFID tags and readers. We will continue to invest in developing solutions that the markets demand."