Continued from [DSi Teardown] 2 Printed Boards Firmly Fixed in Chassis [Part 2].

Nikkei Electronics Teardown Squad examined the main board of the Nintendo DSi and finished the disassembly of the lower part of the chassis. And we went on to break down the upper part of the chassis.

The new feature of the DSi is its CMOS cameras (about 300,000 pixels) embedded on the both sides of the chassis (See related article). When tearing down the upper part of the chassis, we found a camera module integrating two cameras. The flexible substrate is coated with conductive paste, probably for reducing noise.

Also, an antenna board for wireless LAN is mounted on the upper part of the chassis. The flexible substrate used for an LCD panel is attached with speakers.

Seeing an unrepairable DSi, we finished the teardown.

DSi Teardown in Video (Japanese)