Continued from [DSi Teardown] Screws Not Same as in DS [Part 1].

After taking out the lower part of the Nintendo DSi's chassis, Nikkei Electronics Teardown Squad examined the inside of the chassis.

Inside the DSi, major parts are mounted on two printed boards. Both the main board and the sub-board are fixed on the lower part of the chassis by screws.

"Pressure is constantly applied to the operation buttons of portable game consoles," the engineer said. "So, they probably needed to come up with some measures to make it robust."

To examine the main board, we took out the screws on the lower part of the chassis and a metal shield covering the main board. Under the shield, two chips are mounted.

One is probably a main CPU based on ARM core because it is printed with "Nintendo" and "ARM." Another chip seems to be Fujitsu Ltd's 128-bit FCRAM with the printed words "F JAPAN" and "82DBS08164D."

Operating switches are mounted on the back sides of the main board and the sub-board.

The DSi's wireless LAN module board is separately installed. Judged by the word "MITSUMI" printed on the surface of its metal shield, it must be manufactured by Mitsumi Electric Co Ltd.

DSi Teardown in Video (Japanese)