Murata's WirelessHD module
Murata's WirelessHD module
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Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd exhibited a module supporting WirelessHD, a wireless transmission standard using 60GHz millimeter waves, at CEATEC JAPAN 2008.

The module uses an elongated plastic substrate on which a WirelessHD baseband processing LSI developed by SiBEAM Inc is mounted. The company exhibited the module as a product in a development stage and did not announce its shipment schedule, etc.

An RF IC module with an integrated antenna is located next to the SiBEAM chip. The module has 52 pieces of antenna devices arranged in a grid pattern on the package surface. The RF IC module seemed to have been made by a special ceramic processing technology, but it is not certain whether Murata manufactured it.

Panasonic Corp also exhibited a WirelessHD module in its booth (See related article).