The menu display of "Minna-no Theater Wii"
The menu display of "Minna-no Theater Wii"
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Fujisoft Inc developed the "Ulexit" video player, a software application that can be used in embedded devices, and will offer it for a VOD service dubbed "Minna-no (everybody's) Theater Wii" for Nintendo Co Ltd's "Wii" game console from December 2008 in Japan.

The company is demonstrating the VOD service at CEATEC JAPAN 2008.

The Ulexit is a video player that supports various video formats including MPEG2, WMV, MPEG4 and H.264. The company designed the player as a compact application so that it can be used in embedded devices with poor resources, it said. It supports DRM (digital rights management) encoding technology and streaming playback as well.

Also, Fujisoft developed the "Minna-no Theater Wii" VOD service for Wiis with Ulexit installed. The service allows TVs connected to the Wii to replay video with DVD quality, Fujisoft said. Content such as animes, educational programs for children and movies will be offered through the service. Fujisoft will also operate the video content delivery service. The service will start from December 2008.

WiiWare (Wii software that can be purchased through the Wii Shop Channel) required for the service can be downloaded at the price of 500 Wii points. Fujisoft is planning to price the content at 100 to 400 Wii points per program.