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Usuda Research Institute & Systems Corporation Ltd developed a system that integrates a sensor module for detecting position, posture and direction with a wireless circuit.

The system is intended for additional user interface (UI) input on mobile devices.

The system developed by Usuda is composed of a transmitter unit equipped with a sensor module and a receiver unit that receives the data transmitted from the transmitter unit. The units, dimensioned 22 x 18 x 11mm and 22 x 28 x 18mm respectively, weighing 10g and 12g, are designed small and light so that they can be held in the hands or embedded in a device.

The transmitter unit is equipped with a seven-axis sensor that is capable of detecting acceleration, angular velocity and earth magnetism. If a user holds the unit and moves hands, it captures the motion of the user's hand and transmits the information on the motion via the built-in wireless transmitter.

The receiver unit receives information from the transmitter unit. It was downsized so that it can be installed inside devices such as mobile phones. The transmission unit and the receiver unit adopt IEEE802.15.4 and ZigBEE respectively for wireless communication.

Usuda has already developed a system that can control the range of display by swinging or tilting the device and envisions the utilization of this system in combination with the new system.