This year again, focus should be placed on basic technologies to realize intuitive user interfaces (UI), such as input devices and sensors, at CEATEC.

There will be an increase in exhibits of application examples using acceleration sensors, gyro sensors, touch sensors and image recognition technology.

Alps Electric Co Ltd, for example, will present an RF remote control for AV equipment, which features both an acceleration sensor and a touch pad. Users can scroll through the electronic program guide by shaking the control and choose and determine subjects using the touch pad (See related article).

Among image recognition technology-based UIs, attention must be paid to exhibits of Toshiba. Toshiba has demonstrated applications of the "Cell" microprocessor and the "SpursEngine" derived from the Cell every year since 2005 (See related article 2).

While Toshiba already released a SpursEngine notebook PC in July 2008 (See related article 3), Leadtek Research Inc of Taiwan is planning to display a PC image processing board embedded with the SpursEngine at Toshiba's booth. And we can probably see more applications of Cell-related technologies.

In the other areas, power semiconductors must not be missed. Some manufacturers are expected to present FETs with a high breakdown voltage and a low loss, which use GaN, SiC and other new materials. For example, Rohm Co Ltd is planning to display a SiC device (See related article 4), while Sanken Electric Co Ltd is planning to exhibit GaN devices including an 800V FET and a shot key barrier diode.

In the passive component area, module substrates that use 0402 size components, which are even smaller than 0603 size components, are likely to be focused on. As for 1005 size and larger chip type components, many exhibits such as 0.5mm low-height models are expected to emerge.