Honda R&D Co Ltd and Rohm Co Ltd announced that they jointly developed "the world's first" high-output power module composed of only SiC devices, for use in electric and hybrid cars.

Rohm provided SiC device technologies, while Honda R&D offered power module technologies.

The power module consists of a converter and an inverter and employs a shot key barrier diode made of SiC and MOSFET, which are both manufactured by Rohm. The power module withstands 1,200V and its output current is 230A.

Rohm has been conducting research and development of SiC devices and inverters jointly with Nissan Motor Co Ltd as well as Honda R&D. In respect to inverters, Nissan recently disclosed an inverter manufactured by replacing the existing diode with a SiC diode (See related article).

Recently, research and development of automobile power systems involving SiC has been accelerated. This is because the efficiency of power systems can be enhanced by using SiC devices, while downsizing the power systems.