Sharp Corp reorganized its corporate structure, establishing the "Mobile Business Group" and the "Special Model Sales and Marketing Group," which will promote the operation of the company's mobile phone business overseas and sell solar cell systems and LED lighting to corporate customers, respectively.

Based in Yamatokoriyama, Nara Prefecture, Japan, the Mobile Business Group holds the "New Business Promotion Center" and the "Wireless Convergence Promotion Center" under its umbrella.

As for Sharp's mobile phone business in overseas, some sources reported that President Mikio Katayama said, "We aim to boost unit sales in the Chinese market to a level on par with Japanese sales in two years" Aug 6, 2008, and "We will attempt to enter the European and US markets in earnest by summer 2009" on Aug 25.

"(Following this reorganization,) we will strive to expand our sales in the overseas markets including China, Europe and the US to a level comparable with our sales in the Japanese market as early as possible," Sharp's PR Department said. At present, Sharp's mobile phone sales overseas are "quite small but bigger than 1/10 of the domestic sales," it said.

The Special Model Sales and Marketing Group is based in Sharp's Ichigaya Building in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo. Sharp will upgrade the "Special Model Marketing and Sales Division," which was previously located inside the "Domestic Sales and Marketing Group." The new group will be dedicated to sales and marketing of solar cell systems, LED lamps and information displays, for example, targeting corporate customers.