In addition, these models have narrow bezels, ie, about 23mm on the 46-inch model and 22mm on the 40-inch model. The main units of both models are 80mm thick.

The company also developed an optical fiber unit to connect the TV with a Blu-ray (BD) or HDD recorder. It added a feature to make the cables unobtrusive. The expected retail prices of the 46- and 40-inch models are about ¥400,000 (approx US$3,629) and about ¥300,000, respectively.

Mitsubishi touted that the picture and sound qualities of the new LCD TVs were significantly improved. For example, the contrast ratio when images are displayed is enhanced to 15,000:1 by controlling the backlight luminance depending on the image on the screen. The LCD panel of the new TVs employs the VA display mode.

The color gamut is 120% NTSC standard (calculated based on the comparison of areas on the u'v' chromaticity diagram). The company developed the image processing engine to enable 16-bit grayscale. Furthermore, the new TVs can effectively generate low-pitched sound by the diaphragm installed in front side of the speaker, the company said.

Vertical angle of the 19-inch model adjustable by remote control

As for the middle- to lower-end lines, the MXW series comes in 42- and 37- inch models, while the MX series consists of 32- and 26-inch models. The ATL series offers a 19-inch model. The expected retail prices of the 42-, 37-, 32-, 26- and 19-inch models are ¥280,000, ¥230,000, ¥130,000, ¥120,000 and ¥100,000, respectively.

The 19-inch model is equipped with an "Auto Tilt" function to adjust the vertical angle of the display by remote control. The adjustable angle is 10° up or down. The MZW, MXW and ATL series have an "Auto Turn" function to adjust the horizontal angle of the display by approximately 30° to the right or left.