Sharp developed LED lighting modules for business use in factories, commercial spaces and offices, etc. The company will tackle the new market with its vertically-integrated manufacturing system, using its proprietary LEDs and developing every product from devices to modules.

The modules consist of oblong and square types and are geared toward replacing business-use fluorescent lamps, as well as a downlight type that will be used in commercial spaces. All these three types have product life (a time before the initial brightness lowers to 70%) of 40,000 hours. They will be launched in Sept 1, 2008.

The oblong type modules for offices and factories will come in the "DL-N001N" equipped with a transparent cover panel, the "DL-N002N" with a translucent white panel and the "DL-N006N" with a semi-transparent panel. They all feature high light-emitting efficiency.

The DL-N001N's efficiency is the "industry's highest" at 74lm/W, Sharp said. Its luminance is valued at that of two FLR40 fluorescent lumps, yet it can cut power consumption by 25%, according to Sharp.

The translucent white and semi-transparent panels use a polycarbonate material to prevent light absorption while boosting reflective efficiency of the surface where LEDs are embedded. As a result, "The models can efficiently use 80 to 90% of light emitted from LEDs," Sharp said.

Light emitted from fluorescent lamps weakens to about 60 to 70% due to acryl panels used for general lighting modules. But Sharp has succeeded in preventing emitted light from weakening by adopting its LCD TV backlight technology, it said.

In addition to these three models, a high-intensity spot-pattern model, which sets a condenser lens in front of LEDs to concentrate light to a local spot underneath, is provided. The illumination at a distance of 3m directly underneath the fixture is 1,000lx, roughly five times that of the transparent panel model. It is ideal for use at corridors in factories with high ceilings, for example.

The square type for offices ("DL-A001N") is equipped with the same semi-transparent panel as the DL-N006N and allows four-tone light arrangement.

Pricing is ¥90,000 (approx US$833, excluding tax) for the oblong type and ¥190,000 for the square type.

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