To a question asking their preferences on handset design (multiple answers allowed), the highest ratio of 68.6% cited "lightness," followed by "compactness" at 38.1%, "slimness" at 37.2% and "cuteness or stylishness" at 28.3%.

By gender, male respondents focused more on "lightness" (67.1%), "compactness" (40.0%) and "slimness" (37.8%), while female respondents cared more about "lightness" (70.7%), "cuteness or stylishness" (36.7%) and "slimness" (36.3%). The order of the preferences differed by gender.

Regarding the "availability of optional colors," 25.0% of all female respondents said "I care," a large gap compared with the 7% of male respondents who did. iSHARE analyzed that this gap is reflected in the significant popularity of the WILLCOM 03 among women.

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