SoftBank Mobile Corp announced June 23, 2008, its price plans for the "iPhone 3G" handsets to be launched on July 11.

Basically, an email service dubbed "E Mail (i)" has been added to SoftBank's existing price plans. The E Mail (i) service features the capability to push reception notifications to the handset. Instead, SoftBank Mobile's standard "S! Mail" email service cannot be combined with the iPhone 3G handset.

In the case of "White Plan (i)" based on the company's "White Plan," for example, the basic charge is ¥980 (US$9.08) per month, while domestic voice calls to SoftBank mobile phones are free from 1:00 to 21:00. Other plans including "Blue Plan (i)" and "Orange Plan (i)" are also available. Emails to E Mail (i) addresses are excluded from the "Tadatomo Mail (unlimited use of mail to SoftBank handsets)" service.

"Packet Flat-rate Full" will be available for data communications. Users can enjoy data communications without extra charges other than a monthly flat-rate of ¥5,985. iPhone 3G handset users, however, must subscribe to both Packet Flat-rate Full and "S! Basic Pack (i)" at ¥315 per month. Combined with the White Plan (i), monthly free starts from ¥7,280.

When purchasing an iPhone 3G handset using "New Super Bonus (24 payments)" installment sale plan, a monthly payment for an 8 Gbyte model is ¥2,880, but purchasers only have to pay ¥960 a month thanks to a special discount of ¥1,920. Accordingly, the handset will be sold substantially for ¥23,040. In the same manner, a 16 Gbyte handset will be sold virtually for ¥34,560.

Users can purchase iPhone 3G handsets with a single payment as well, but unit prices may vary by retailer, the company said.