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Tamihiko Sudo, president and representative director of Pioneer Corp, made the following statement at its financial results meeting on May 13, 2008.

"We hope to release 40-inch class LCD TVs within fiscal 2008," Sudo said. "We will be supplied with products from Sharp Corp. Although we haven't made a final decision, we have essentially decided on this plan. And we will probably release 46-inch LCD TVs, which are now being manufactured most efficiently at Sharp's LCD panel plants."

With regard to 40-inch class plasma TVs, Pioneer has not decided its future plans yet, he said.

Prior to the financial meeting, Pioneer announced "Measures for Restructuring the Display Business," which states that the company will release LCD TVs manufactured by Sharp in August 2008, starting from the European market. The company is planning to ship 60,000 LCD TVs in the eight months from August 2008 to March 2009.

Furthermore, Pioneer plans to be supplied with LCD panels from Sharp in fiscal 2009 (April 2009-March 2010) and develop LCD TVs incorporating Pioneer's proprietary technologies to expand the marketing areas. Pioneer expects to procure LCD modules equipped with a backlight and driver ICs from Sharp. The company intends to differentiate the end products mainly by employing a high quality picture circuit.

According to Pioneer, it is currently discussing with Sharp to jointly develop an LCD module in order to combine the high quality picture technology, which is Pioneer's specialty, with the module.

Correction Notice: Because of a reporting error, we incorrectly reported that Pioneer "is planning to ship 60,000 LCD TVs in the six months from August 2008 to March 2009," which should actually be "in the eight months."