GBDisk RS1 SATA-Compatible Industrial SSD
GBDisk RS1 SATA-Compatible Industrial SSD
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TDK has developed the GBDisk RS1 series of Serial ATA (SATA)-compatible industrial silicon disks with a maximum memory capacity of 16 Gbytes. The GBDisk RS1 includes single level cell (SLC) NAND Flash memory, which is suitable for high-speed and frequent data writing, as well as the GBDriver RS1 SATA controller for use in NAND Flash memory controller ICs, which are essential for maintaining data reliability.

High reliability of the device is achieved through complete power interruption tolerance, error correction, distributed data writing, and bad block management.

The 2.5-inch disks are the same size as a hard disk drive (HDD). The product lineup, which has storage capacities up to 16 Gbytes, is suitable for use in industrial equipment where use of HDDs is problematic in many applications because of the need for particularly fast start up, stringent shock resistance, and low power consumption.

The series has been certified by Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL). Production of the GBDisk RS1 series will begin in June 2008.