China's leading audio-visual (AV) equipment manufacturers have formed the "DIVA Consortium," an organization that formulates the "DIVA" video/audio interface specification for TVs and digital AV equipments.

Chinese industrial organization CVIA (China Video Industry Association) has already announced its full support for the specification.

The DIVA Consortium's member companies include Sichuan Chang Hong Electric Co Ltd, Qingdao Haier Co Ltd, Hisense Electric Co Ltd, Konka Group, Skyworth Group, Nanjing Panda Electronics Co Ltd, SVA Information Industry Co Ltd, TCL Corp of China and Synerchip Co Ltd of Taiwan. Synerchip is likely to supply high-speed data transmission chips.

Difference from HDMI lies in bi-directional data transmission

DIVA reportedly allows users to operate AV equipments through TVs, while transmitting video/audio data without compressing. Its biggest difference from HDMI is the fact that the DIVA specification is being formulated on the assumption of bi-directional transmission of video/audio data. Accordingly, DLNA and other home networks can be formed among devices connected using DIVA interfaces.

The founding firms of the DIVA Consortium will demonstrate the DIVA technology at the "China Digital Home Industry Association Summit Conference" to be held in Guangzhou May 21, 2008. The consortium is planning to finish formulating the format by the end of 2008.