MyVoice Communications Inc has announced results of its survey on trends including consumer intention to purchase a DVD recorder. The company conducted the survey using the Internet from March 1 to 5, 2008, and received responses from 14,921 people.

Asked about their intention to purchase or replace a Blu-ray Disc recorder that virtually became the standard next-generation DVD recorder following the withdrawal of the HD DVD format, 81.4% of all respondents answered "I want to buy one."

As for specific purchase plans, 2.0% said "in three months," while 2.5% said "in six months," 0.3% said "in nine months" and 7.1% said "in one year." However, among those who answered they want to buy one, the most 69.4% respondents said "I have no specific schedule for purchasing it."

When the company asked those who said they had the intention to buy or replace a Blu-ray recorder how much their budget was, 32.5% of the respondents, which was the largest, said "(more than ¥30,000) less than ¥50,000," followed by "less than ¥30,000" at 21.6%. The majority of respondents were planning a budget of less than ¥50,000.

As for above ¥50,000, consumer intention to purchase a Blu-ray recorder lowered as the budget rose, with 17.6% said "(more than ¥50,000) less than ¥70,000" and 16.8% said "(more than ¥70,000) less than ¥100,000." Meanwhile, respondents who said "I want to buy one regardless of the price" reached 6.7%.

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd (Panasonic) was the most popular manufacturer in the question asking which manufacturer's DVD or other format recorder and player they want to buy. Matsushita was named by 24.2% of all respondents, followed by Sony Corp at 20.6%.

All the other manufacturers received less than 10% popularity, with Sharp Corp, Toshiba Corp and Hitachi Ltd following Sony. Respondents who said "None of these manufacturers / I don't know" accounted for 37.9%.

When asked what they place the most weight on when purchasing a DVD or other format recorder and player, most of the respondents (32.9%) said "the price." This was more than double the second most 15.6% responses of "image quality." "The name of the manufacturer or brand," "operability" and "HDD capacity" followed at 10.0, 9.8 and 7.3%, respectively.