We examined the lower part of the main body from the side equipped with a camera, which was opposite the side attached with the keypad. We could see some efforts to keep watertightness on this side, too.

The portion storing the battery was hermetically sealed by a lid with a gasket. The covers for the camera and the flash were designed to be completely watertight through the use of metal, rubber, plastic and so on.

As will be described later, this model has a built-in 1seg antenna. The handset is also equipped with a retractable rod antenna, probably because the sensitivity wouldn't be high enough using the on-board antenna alone.

The rod antenna was placed between the chassis and the external parts, not inside the sealed chassis. It had metal portions at its upper and lower ends. When the antenna was retracted or pulled out, these portions came into contact with screws believed to be electrically connected with the board. With this structure, the antenna seemed to be connected to the circuitry inside the chassis.