Samsung Electronics Co Ltd of Korea disclosed a prototype of a 31-inch organic EL TV for the first time at the "2008 International CES." The prototype uses an organic EL panel manufactured by Samsung SDI Co Ltd of Korea.

Prototypes of 31-inch (top) and 14-inch (bottom) organic EL TVs (画像のクリックで拡大)

The prototype of the organic EL TV is less than 20mm in thickness. It has a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. Its luminance level and color reproducibility are higher than those of the one-inch thick 25-inch LCD TV disclosed for the first time at the event, according to the company.

The time of commercialization is yet to be decided. The company displays a prototype of a 14-inch organic EL TV at the CES in addition to the aforementioned 31-inch model.

Ultraslim 31-inch TV with a thickness of less than 20mm (画像のクリックで拡大)

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