Pioneer developed a 50-inch PDP TV that is only 9mm thick at the thinnest part. Pioneer's existing products with the same screen size were 115 to 120mm in thickness. It has not finalized the schedule for mass production, but it plans to exhibit the developed product and explain the details at the "2008 International CES" held in Las Vegas of the U.S. from January 7 to 10.

The thickest part is only 24mm. The weight was reduced by approximately 50% to 18.6kg, compared with the existing products, which weigh between 35 and 39kg. The newly developed product, however, is not equipped with a tuner or speakers. "We concentrated on the thinness of the product and it is a monitor, rather than a TV," Pioneer said.

Pioneer's PDP has an optical filter called a "direct color filter," which is made of film instead of glass, laminated on the front face of the panel. "This makes it easier to reduce the thickness compared with general PDPs," the company said.

Since the second half of 2007, a number of prototypes of ultrathin large displays have been developed. The thinnest LCD TV is the 19-mm (32-inch) prototype disclosed by Hitachi Ltd. The thinnest LCD panel module is the 10-mm (40-inch) prototype developed by Samsung Electronics Co Ltd of Korea. The PDP developed by Pioneer is thinner than this.

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