The WirelessHD logo, which is also called "WiHD."
The WirelessHD logo, which is also called "WiHD."
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The specifications for the millimeter radio wave family of AV devices are finally being disclosed.

The WirelessHD group led by manufacturers such as LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics of Korea, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd and Sony Corp have worked out "WirelessHD Version 1.0", the specification for the wireless transmission of uncompressed HDTV moving images between AV devices. It will be disclosed to the member companies at the beginning of 2008.

WirelessHD is a standard for wireless data communication with a maximum speed of 4Gbit, using the unregulated and globally available 60GHz frequency. For example, it can transmit an uncompressed HD video of 1,080p to a device 10m away. The targets are family TVs with large displays and set-top boxes and DVD recorders.

Adoption of DTCP

WirelessHD was established by the aforementioned four companies together with NEC Corp, Toshiba Corp, SiBEAM, a semiconductor venture in the U.S. and other companies aiming to create a wireless version of "HDMI," the interface widely utilized by family AV devices. SiBEAM, which has a technology to design RF transceiver ICs for 60GHz frequency by CMOS, maintained that the technology helps reduce the material cost of millimeter wave transmission circuit.

The millimeter wave has a large bandwidth, while it has the disadvantage of direct advance. The specification allows stable transmission of high definition videos if technologies for switching the directions of the antenna, etc responding to the changes of radio wave environment are adopted, according to the group. For the copyright management in regard to the wireless transmission of high definition videos, DTCP will be adopted.

The announcement also included the following information:
(1) The number of member companies has reached 40.
(2) Intel of the U.S. has joined as a leading company.
(3) It includes more than 10 members, such as authorities for testing and evaluation and instrument manufacturers, for testing conformity with the standard.
(4) The commercialization of the corresponding products is expected between the end of 2008 and the first half of 2009.

The leading companies of WirelessHD plans to exhibit prototypes at the 2008 International CES held in Las Vegas of the U.S. from January 7 to 10.

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