HydroPak demonstrated at CES
HydroPak demonstrated at CES
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Millennium Cell Inc and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Pte Ltd of Singapore announced that they would demonstrate the mass-production prototype of HydroPak at the 2008 International CES, which runs from Jan 7, 2008, in Las Vegas.

HydroPak is a portable emergency power generator equipped with a fuel cell. The samples will be shipped to major OEMs, retailers and distributors from February 2008. The UL certification process is now being initiated. The mass-production model is slated for shipment in the third quarter of 2008.

HydroPak is a fuel cell system that runs on hydrogen. It employs a so-called "water-activated cartridge system," which generates hydrogen by supplying a cartridge with water. The rated output is 25W and the maximum output is 50W. The main unit is provided with a 100V AC outlet and two 5V USB ports.

The generation capacity per cell is 350Wh, which is reportedly enough to recharge a notebook computer 8 to 10 times. HydroPak measures 22 x 21 x 10cm and weighs 2.6kg when equipped with a cartridge containing water. According to the companies, the main unit and the cartridge will be priced at US$400 and about US$20, respectively.

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