The Nikkei Electronics Breakdown Team started to take off stickers attached on the mainboard of the 920SH. The RF-related LSI on the board was not a Qualcomm product in contrast to our prediction based on the "QUALCOMM 3G CDMA" logo printed on the back side of the chassis (See related article), but was composed mainly of chips manufactured by Ericsson of Sweden.

We removed stickers on the chips. A flash memory manufactured by Spansion and RF-related chips from Ericsson were mounted.

Toshiba Corp's SoC, MOBILE TURBO, stood out in the center of the mainboard. It seems the SoC functions as an application processor.

The main antenna was located in a hinge block.

After removing only the antenna, we could see that the metal antenna pattern.

A dynamic speaker unit was located in the hinge block (right). The speaker really comes into its own when viewing 1seg broadcasts. A smaller speaker unit is embedded on the upper side of the LCD panel (left).

Several modules were mounted in the RF communication circuit block. We found a component believed to be an antenna switch module mounted on a green board and a white board whose upper surface was covered with resin. Some of the resin came off when we barely touched it. It seemed that a number of individual parts were covered in the resin.