To our surprise, the P905i (the VIERA phone) had an orderly internal structure. When we removed the metal shield covering nearly the entire surface of the mainboard, we saw chips and modules neatly partitioned from one another by frames.

The mainboard with the shield removed. The chips and modules were neatly separated from one another. There were no sheets to protect against electromagnetic radiation noise, nor were there any heat radiation sheets.

The IC mounted in the center was marked with an "M" symbol. It seemed to be a power-related IC manufactured by Matsushita Electric Industrial Group.

According to prior information about the P905i, an application processor based on Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd's UniPhier platform was provided along with memory by means of the Package-on-Package (PoP) mounting process. Judging from the information, the application processor is likely located under the memory chips marked with the Samsung Electronics logo. As there were two memory chips, the baseband LSI was also likely to have been PoP mounted.

A chip marked with "CSR" was mounted on one end of the mainboard. It was probably a Bluetooth IC from CSR Plc. A ceramic board that was substantially the same size was mounted under the IC. It was likely a ceramic Bluetooth module using a CSR chip.

The 1seg tuner module bearing an "M" mark is mounted on the opposite end of the mainboard. A Shielded IC and module could be seen around the tuner module. These were likely the GPS reception IC, etc.

We removed the shield provided on the other side of the mainboard. A relatively large IC was surrounded by a number of parts. The IC and the parts were covered with resin. These seemed to be related to RF transmission/reception.