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Sony will extend the market of flat panel displays with LCDs and OLEDs, said Takashi Fukuda, executive president of Sony's TV business group, in the keynote speech for FPD International 2007, which opened Oct 24, 2007.

"We will evolve LCD TVs by increasing their screen size and luminance," he said. "On the other hand, OLEDs are in a different position. They are positioned depending on their applications."

Fukuda said that trends of TV technologies include "evolution of shape such as thinning and
weight saving," "large size," "improvement in image quality such as HD (high definition)," "environmental friendliness," "novel devices" and "compatibility with applications."

Those technologies are "advancing individually or interdependently, and creating chances for new products and new businesses," he added.

Talking about LCD TVs, Sony is making continuous efforts to make them compatible with various image qualities depending on contents and to connect them easily to more complicated systems, Fukuda said.

As for OLEDs that the company developed as new devices, "We regarded (OLEDs) as the most powerful candidates for the next-generation displays and commercialized them without delay," he said.

Fukuda said that he wants to offer new life spaces by taking advantage of OLED's 3mm thinness and "unexperienced" high image quality.

"It is an 11-inch OLED. However, it displays deep images so that users do not feel it's only 11 inches," he said. "Though we wish to develop large OLEDs, there are some hurdles. To be honest, it's difficult to develop larger sizes unless we make various improvements."

"Still, we want to take on challenges with concerned industries to create a new market and grow it to a large market," he added.