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"We will grow the flat panel display (FPD) market by 50% to US$150 billion in 2012."

At a keynote speech for "FPD Intenational 2007" Oct 24, 2007, Sang-Wan Lee, president and CEO, LCD Business, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd of South Korea predicted, "The FPD industry will enter the second round in 2010. And we will attempt to expand the market focusing on 'Value Creation.' We wish to make our dreams come true in the process."

The TV market has been forecast to stop growing in 2010. In view of this forecast, Lee cited five products that are expected to become "new growth engines."

The first was "digital signage." FPDs can become "the Fourth Wave" by responding to the demand for outdoor signage. Current demand of 1.3 million units will only rise to 3.1 million units in 2010 if the signage application is limited to indoor, but the demand will surpass tens of millions of units by winning over demand for outdoor signage, he said.

For this purpose, the current luminance of 700cd/m2 must be enhanced to 2,000cd/m2, Lee said. If the width of the bezel part around the display screen is narrowed from the current 30mm to 4mm, FPDs will be able to enter the multi-screen market, he added.

The second was "advanced TVs for the home." They are "future TVs" combining an 80-inch or larger screen, a four-times-higher resolution than full HD (high definition), so-called "mega contrast" of 1,000,000:1 and innovative design, Lee said.

He cited a fine pixel-based "digital gallery" as an example. It can be used as an art wall, but a color reproduction range needs to be broadened to 110% of the NTSC standard for that application, Lee said.

The third was "e boards" that can be used at offices and schools. Through a 100-inch or larger display, e boards fortify the quality and increase the volume of information provided in education and at presentations. To enable direct writing of information onto the panel, e boards feature a built-in image sensor for touch screen capability, he said.

The fourth was "premium IT displays." They are light-weight displays that can be carried as handbags, for example, and allow users to enjoy video anytime. They are equipped with an LED backlight system. In addition, PC monitors will be basically 24-inch or larger and support full HD resolution so they can also be used as a second TV, he said.

The fifth was "personal digital boards." They are devices that make the most of the convenience of mobile phone displays and allow users to carry them to enjoy video outside. He said the application needs a slim bezel so users can close devices when carrying, open them and enjoy large screens when viewing.

In the large digital signage market, manufacturers need a technology that realizes a 100-inch, four-times-higher resolution panel compared with current panels and "The technical innovation will drive growth as in the first round thus far," Lee said.

However, manufacturers can only meet the goal through material, process and facility innovations, not by continuing what they have been doing to date, he said.