Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has developed a 40-inch LCD panel that is only 1cm thick. The resolution is 1920 x 1080, so-called full HD. The company is planning to present the prototype at "FPD International 2007," which will open Oct 24, 2007.

The prototype adopted LEDs for the backlight source. The color reproduction range is 92% of the NTSC standard. The power is less than 90W, according to the company. The bezel width is 1.46cm, narrower than the current product's 3cm.

At FPD International 2007, LCD panels for ultra-thin TVs are likely to be one of the highlights, with LG Philips LCD Co Ltd of Korea also planning to present a 1.98 cm-thick 42-inch LCD panel, for example.

Samsung Electronics will also unveil other panels such as a 15.4-inch LCD panel that employed a white LED backlight system, a 22-inch LCD panel that adopted DisplayPort as an interface and a 46-inch LCD panel that achieved the high luminance of 1,500cd/m2, which could be used public display installations, etc.