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Seiko Epson Corp has developed an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display system said to be capable of producing "the ultimate black". The light emitting capabilities of OLED displays make possible such features as high contrast, wide viewing angles, and fast response times. In addition, the display can be made very thin and lightweight.

To realize the high-quality representation of textures, Epson has been uncompromising in its efforts to achieve "ultimate black" since it is black that holds the key to overall image quality. Furthermore, the problem of early stage brightness deterioration, until now the major obstacle to extending the life of the device, was solved by improving the light-emitting materials and through the development of the company's own original element structure. As a result, the life of the device is lengthened to more than 50,000 hours, a level appropriate for practical application.

Epson has already installed and commenced operations of a development and manufacturing line that is capable of small-scale production at its Fujimi Plant in Nagano prefecture, Japan.

The company will showcase the OLED panel as a reference exhibit at FPD International 2007, which will open Oct 24, 2007, in Yokohama City, Japan.