Field Emission Technologies Inc. (FE Technologies) presented and demonstrated an FED panel capable of video rendering at 240 fps at CEATEC Japan 2007.

The frame rate is as fast as 4 ms per frame, which is "close to the limit that the human can sense and therefore can't cause viewers to feel the blurring of video," according to an attendant at the company's booth. Video at 240 fps is optimal for applications such as videogames, the company said.

The panel was a 19.2-inch model with 1280 x 960 resolution. Its peak luminance is equivalent to that of LCD panels, FE Technologies said. If power consumption when actually rendering video is compared with LCD panels, "FED panels' power is lower and may be as low as around 1/3 that of LCD panels," said the attendant. FE Technologies had announced that it had succeeded in developing a 240 fps FED panel in August 2007, which was on display at this year's CEATEC.

The company also demonstrated 24 fps video, which is frequently used for movie content, using the same FED panel at its booth. FE Technologies stressed that the FED panel supports a range of frame rates from 24 to 240 fps.

FE Technologies is an FED panel development company that Sony Corp. jointly formed with an external technology investment fund, Technology Carve-out Investment Fund (TCI), toward the commercialization of FED panels in December 2006.